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About the Book

When you think of a gift or a no occasion- just because way to say, “I’m thinking of you,”  put a little Magic in it!

A gift of The Magical Link will be welcomed by all, won’t be the wrong size, color or

a book version of the familiar unwanted necktie or scarf !

Available now at

The Magical Link:

Love, Mystery and Other Secrets About the Bond Between People and Animals 

by Barbara Meyers

In The Magical Link, lifelong animal advocate, grief therapist and behaviorist Barbara Meyers delivers a stirring exploration into the bonds shared with companion animals in our homes, wildlife, assistance animals and others. Filled with sound advice and peppered with moving stories, fables and poetry, this book is a must-have for everyone whose life has been touched by animals; from educators and parents to veterinarians and physicians and everyone in-between.

This richly illustrated, inspiring book explores everything from the ancient history of the human-animal bond to animals and children, animal law and animals in law enforcement, wildlife, those used for food, fashion and sport, society’s objectification of animals and also celebrates and honors the love that can be found nowhere else but with animals. In short, everything you ever wanted to know or wish you had known.

In-depth, it elegantly unravels the mystery of confounding behavior challenges in cats and dogs, the management of illness, hospice care, loss and grief, and the fascinating secrets of what lies behind them. Enlightening and down-to-earth, The Magical Link will bring a new appreciation and perspective to our relationships with animals, and how we are forever linked together. It will also become a lasting beacon of light leading the path to meaningful change, hope and a better world for all of Mother Nature’s children.

Sit, Stay and Enjoy the Slide Show 

Good Guardian Productions
Produced and Directed by Love and Kindness
Audio Engineer, Schee Purrsalot
Set Designer, Mother Nature

No Bonds Were Broken During the Making of This Slide Show

“Until you have loved an animal,
a part of you remains unawakened.”
… adapted by Barbara Meyers from the work of Jacques Anatole Thibault (1844-1924)